A wee while ago, well, 40 years ago to be precise, a group of highland games enthusiasts got to together with a notion to organising a Highland Games in Forfar, and in 1975 the first Forfar Highlands Games took place at Lochside Park in Forfar.  

The Games continued to grow and grow over the years, until eventually it outgrew its field in Forfar, and so we accepted the kind invitation of the Earl of Strathmore to move the location of the Games to the grounds of Glamis Castle in 2001??.  

The Games were cancelled unfortunately that year due to the outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease, but the following year, the Forfar Highland Games held its inaugural event at Glamis.  

Now after a few years, the committee had some difficult discussions and decided to change the name of the games to the Strathmore Highland Games to reflect our new location.  

Each year our Games have been growing and growing, with more events taking place and more and more visitors coming from far and wide to enjoy the spectacle of traditional highland games with the spectacular backdrop of Glamis Castle – combined, they make for a truly Scottish day out!